Budding Artist in the House!

Posted on February 6, 2018 by Bedfordlandings

We have new art on display at Bedford Landings,  just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Our artist is Sheridan Brown.  Sheridan retired from the field of public education school leadership in 2013.  While seeking ways to release time and talent, she took painting lessons in watercolor and acrylics. Adopting the theory that if Grandma Moses could start painting at the age of 78, she might be able to as well. Her subjects are varied from personal travel scenes to friends’ houses and family pets. She says, “It’s fulfilling and each piece is a learning experience!”  Sheridan Brown can be followed on Pinterest and through her personal blog.

Sheridan Brown Art

“Fronds” by Sheridan Brown

On a personal note, the interesting thing about Sheridan is she also goes by Sherry and sometimes she goes by “sis.”  Yes, she is Karen’s sister.  What’s even better is she anticipates moving permanently to Smith Mountain Lake in the Spring and becoming part of the art community here.  (And I will love having my sister close by!) Jack and I have watched her grow in her art interest and skill.  One of the paintings on display even won an award at the Smith Mountain Arts Council Spring Art Show!

If you are interested in learning more about or seeing Sherry’s (reasonably priced) art please give us a call at Bedford Landings B & B or schedule an appointment for a viewing.

Bedford Landings also carries note cards by local artists, books, t-shirts, honey, locally crafted peanuts and more gifts!  Be sure to check out the upcoming events at Bedford Landings for this spring.


Sue Patterson on February 6, 2018

Moneta Garden Club is looking fwd to Sherry's living among us permanently.

Grandma Moses and Me – BrownCrawford on February 6, 2018

[…] Affirmation comes in many forms. An “Atta girl!” from a work colleague, applause after a performance, a hug from a long time friend, a “Gigi’s here!” from a grandchild….all these are feel good moments. I never started painting for affirmation, but rather to answer a need for creating and completing a new craft. But now, artist friends, what do you do with those stored up canvases and framed products? I give them away or sometimes throw them away! But my sweet sister and brother-in-law gave me an opportunity to show off some in their Bedford Landings Bed and Breakfast. Read what they have to say at —http://www.bedfordlandings.com/blog/budding-artist-house/ […]

Sydney Swank on February 9, 2018

So good seeing local artists that always have a little better perspective on the flavor of the community. Thanks Sheridan.

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