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Posted on September 13, 2016 by Bedfordlandings

Artist in the House
We are more than just a pretty breakfast at Bedford Landings! We serve as wall space for artists to display their works of art and are delighted to share our space with local talent! We are most pleased that for September and October, we are featuring the work of Shelley Koopmann. You can also find her on Facebook. 

I just love her whimsical style in some paintings.  But others are simply a beautiful mix of colors. Here are a few shots of what is on our walls and a link (above) to her website and facebook page. Please drop in to view her art or better yet book a room and look at it while you are waiting to be served breakfast at Bedford Landings!


From Bees to Chickens
We have kept honeybees for nearly 10 years. And we have enjoyed serving and selling their honey.  But this summer, while harvesting honey, Karen was stung a few times and had a pretty bad reaction (swelling, heat at the site). Later in the summer, she was stung again and experienced a similar reaction. The doctor prescribed an epi-pen, which we are keeping just in case the reactions elevate to that necessity but we decided to give the bees to Matt the Beekeeper and no longer keep them. Sadly we said goodbye to our little girls.

Four thriving hives.  This is called "bearding."

Four thriving hives. This is called “bearding.”

BUT- breakfast at Bedford Landings isn’t just about the honey! It’s about the use of eggs too! In the spring, we are going to get chickens!

Empty bee yard.  Preparing for chickens!

Empty bee yard. Preparing for chickens!

We use at least 3-dozen eggs per week in cooking breakfasts for guests so hopefully this will be beneficial. We understand that they also can eat breakfast scraps so we are doing away with the compost pile in favor of chickens devouring leftovers! Besides a little squirrel has been enjoying breakfast at Bedford Landings too and has been snatching from the compost pile and making a mess with it!

Stay tuned for more on the chickens! And if any readers have advice or laying hens for sale, contact us!

Massage Therapy
Sometimes guests inquire about getting a massage while staying at Bedford Landings. We have several therapists that we refer people to so be sure to ask. They will bring their table and we have a nice quiet (dimmed lights) theatre room where we can set up a therapy session. We will put guests right in touch with the therapist as opposed to putting ourselves in the middle. That way times can be worked out between the guest and the therapist. Just schedule it around breakfast at Bedford Landings!

Fall at Smith Mountain Lake (SML)
It has been a busy summer with many new events added to the local social calendar but the 50th Anniversary celebration for SML continues into the fall with still more activities. We look forward to the Charity Home Tour (October 7-8) and the Chili Fest. (November 5), a new event called a Brew Fest (November 12).   The fall should be very colorful with the wonderful rains we had in July this year. Don’t forget that Jack does sightseeing rides and this would be a cool way to view the foliage!


SheridAn on September 13, 2016

May I order my Easter eggs now. Megan will be so excited about your chickens!!

Marion Wetcher on September 13, 2016

Chickens?!?!? What a great idea! You guys are just so amazing and adventurous!!! You'll be able to have an egg hunt EVERY day!!! Sorry about the bee stings Karen, I'm sure the little ones were sad to leave you....well, except for the one who stung you! (She apparently had some sort of grudge!) Love you guys! Marion :)

Nancy Rae Brown on September 14, 2016

We artists appreciate the opportunity to share our artwork, and I always enjoy seeing who is featured at your lovely Bedford Landings.

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