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Posted on March 21, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

Today, we earned our whetting bush!

The timber framers are well in tune with this tradition and were willing to assist as we posted the bush. They congratulated us on the completion of the structural timber portion of the house.  The whetting bush tradition represents a symbol of thanks and respect for the timbers, the forest, and a safe timber raising.  Jack and I proudly stood out front while Tim (with BRTW) added the bush to the top of the timber outriggers.

Jack and I said a prayer to ask God to bless and protect our home and all who enter it. We thanked the forest, the sun, the moon!



Standing back, you can see the passive solar system that we have designed that Blue Ridge TimberWrights helped us engineer.  These outriggers were a pain for the crew to install, we are sure, but it will pay off in the summer sun!



What a wonderful crew!  On time, paid attention to details, polite and knew what they were doing! Thank-you Aaron, Jamie, Tim and Scott!


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Jack Textor on March 22, 2013

An outstanding journal, thanks for sharing!

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