Biscuits at Bedford Landings

Posted on January 11, 2015 by Bedfordlandings

Jack is cookin’ in the kitchen and when he is making biscuits at Bedford Landings, the flour is a-flying!  Jack went to Biscuit School at a Southern Season’s in Chapel Hill twice and says he learned some very basic things about making biscuits.  Instead of hockey pucks, come learn the trades secrets of making biscuits with Jack.

Biscuits at Bedford Landings

If the first class is fully enrolled, he will offer it again. The first date is Sunday February 8 at 2:00 pm. This Biscuits at Bedford Landings class will last 2 hours and cost $25 per person. We are going to only enroll 4 people in the first class to give personal attention and see how many will work in our space.  Those who attend will learn to make southern style biscuits and rich sausage gravy. Call 540-488-4600 to register or email The second date is tentative on February 22 but if fully enrolled, we will definitely hold it. We will keep a waiting list if you call after 4 are enrolled.


Jack prepared to make biscuits at Bedford Landings

One of our kitchen features you will see, if you enroll in Biscuits at Bedford Landings, is the dough hole.  What better way to clean up after making a mess then to scrape it all away!  He loves to show it off, but here is a sneak preview!

Dough hole for Biscuits at Bedford LandingsWe are considering more classes for Fall and Spring.  What else would be of interest for small classes? (POLL WILL POP-UP!)

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Sheridan on January 11, 2015

Free Bedford Landings honey for attendees?

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