Behold the Manifold!

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

The plumbing is done, alleluia!  Now, on to electrical wiring. But not first without showing off the beautiful manifolds Jack made while we were still in North Carolina.   This is Mission Water Control!

Manifold_red_blue (2)

All of the hot and cold-water connections come into these manifolds and they also connect to two 50-gallon water heaters.  If there is a leak in any room, you can turn off the water to that room here and fix the problem.


As I have mentioned before, I have to keep the new house picked up and try to keep it hazard free because of stop-in visitors.  So shout outs to this week’s and weekend visitors…the Dukemans from Raleigh, the Polstras from Lynchburg, The Loncellas from Pittsburgh, the Browns from Moneta with family from PA, and the Goffs from Moneta with family from Wytheville!  This week, sweet nephew (the Humes from Colorado) are on docket to visit!

Have a great week!  The refreshing rain has ceased for a bit!

PS. A loyal follower noted that all of the labels on the manifold are upside down. Since I took that photo on Friday, Mr. Jack has re-labeled them all so I submit a new photo!


Sheridan on August 19, 2013

WOW-a work of art-what a builder portfolio Mr. Jack now has!!! Let me know when we can come potty!!! I know that sweet nephew's mom!

Lee Daniel on August 19, 2013

Brass and solder is nice, but ain't pex wonderful.

Michael on August 19, 2013

That is awesome! Only friends of Jack (probably Chip like) would have noticed, or even cared about the labels.

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