Bees & The Mailbox

Posted on April 30, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

I am still toiling over exterior colors for the house.  There are so many choices (siding, trim, accents) but the standard colors don’t match what I have imagined.  So the easiest thing is put that task aside and do something I can make progress with.

We arrived at our property this weekend in the dark of the night.  Why at night? It was time to move the bees.  Honeybees come into their hives after the sun goes down.  So, we blocked up their little bee entrance and loaded them on the truck.  I was so afraid one of the little girls would be left behind and be following the truck the whole way.  They are settled now and thirsty.  They found the water hose and the plants to quench their thirst. Little do they know there is a huge lake just over the hill.  Soon enough they will discover their new surroundings!


Today we reserved storage space; one space for most of our belongings and one climate controlled space for the RV-10 airplane engine, the piano, and a few select furniture items.  We will put our belongings into storage for a year while the house is built.  We applied for the building permit for the hangar porch and storage shed.  This shed will be a place to store outdoor lawn items as well as implements used to build the house.  But…the event Jack thinks is monumental is mounting a mailbox (See photo). Image

We are hosting a fly-in this weekend and will be happy to show the spot where the house will be built. This shows the angle from the road looking toward the runway.  That’s the hangar in the background (see photo).Image

Anyone who can stop by between 11 am and 1 pm Saturday for the Fly-in and mentions this blog will get a FREE BBQ! Just coming looking for that girl in the photo (above)!

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hopesquires on May 1, 2012

Congrats on successfully moving the bees and on your new venture! I look forward to reading about the progress as it happens.

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