Bedford Landings: Seeking Rainbows

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Bedfordlandings

I am late blogging this month. I wanted to share the lovely Mulch at Bedford Landings in the front yard and I wanted to say what a great summer it has been with our kids and especially wonderful grand children visiting!

Karen's Daughter and son (standing), niece and nephew seated.

Karen’s Daughter and son (standing), niece and nephew seated.

Cousins- the next generation

Cousins, the next generation!


I wanted to say that our guests this season had been particularly interesting and delightful.

I had wanted to share that in 2016, the lake will have been at full pond for 50 years and that there are many events being planned and that the Chamber of Commerce along with some wonderful lake volunteers are taking the lead to plan cool events including a Fly-in at the SML Airport featuring antique cars, antique planes, and a 60’s sock hop May 13-14, 2016.

And I wanted to reveal the cover of the new Discover Magazine that Jack is on with a wonderful feature story about his flying experiences. The story is well-done!



But, instead, a cloud came I over the lake last week.

Last week, something horrible happened and the atmosphere here has just been slower, quieter, meditative, and sad. The unthinkable threw many of us into a distracted state, pre-occupied with reading social media inordinately and listening to stories on the news, vigilantly praying for the families who have lost their dear children while we reach out to our own to assure that they are safe.

Prayers continue to surround two devastated families. Prayers continue for Vicki Gardner and her family working toward her healing so that we can highlight “good” not dwell on the evil. The media correctly reports that Vicki is such a “good person” and we echo that at Bedford Landings as we have experienced Vicki ‘s goodness. She welcomed us to the community, advised us, introduced us, and spoke at our Ribbon Cutting and our Business After Hours event for Chamber members. She is one who can always find the right words, the right positive attitude, and the right way to provide the welcoming face. She finds a unique way to welcome each person with whom she comes in contact. We can’t wait to hug her in the flesh to see for ourselves that she is ok. And we are amazed at her husband, Tim’s, stamina and ability to nurture her while providing the media with brief stories regarding her recovery and the events that happened nearly one short week ago.

I know Vicki would want to spin the terrible into something more positive for us to again smile over the fact that SML indeed is The Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains Jack and I often look at each other and marvel that we discovered Smith Mountain Lake and the wonderfully friendly community that it is. We frequently host guests at Bedford Landings B & B who ultimately ask us about living here, ask about property, or begin considering retiring to this area. And we don’t want such a cloud to continue to loom over our lovely lake.

When I taught 7th graders in Sunday School I recall teaching (but also learning) the meaning of the Rainbow. It is a promise from God.

I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. And it shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud, and I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh… (NASB) Genesis 9:11-15

Sighting a rainbow is indeed up-lifting. We need rain at this lake! And remember that after the rain there just could be a rainbow. Look for one and lift your eyes upward. Then give thanks for that rainbow and for the your life.

Rainbow photo taken by Karen October, 2014.

Rainbow photo taken by Karen October, 2014.

When I am confused or need to sort out my thoughts, I write. So today, I offer a poem focusing on the beauty that can emerge after a storm.

Seeking Rainbows

In this universe they do exist
Disgruntled unhappy minds;
Seekers of ways to make sense
Struggling to find simple peace of mind.

Struggle is part of the journey in this path of life
Navigating the fight outside and in,
To find answers to suit us,
Seeking ways to build and blend. 

But in the quest to become complete
Simple answers are not always present
For like a Bridge over troubled water
Answers are complex and often are not evident.

Higher, we must search turning eyes to the sky
Seeking rainbows instead of wondering WHY.

Look beyond the clouds, seek the sun, evermore remembering
The promise the rainbow brings
Allow hope to shine anew
Hope–floating in on angel’s wings.

Smith Mountain Lake continues to be the Jewel of the Blue Ridge.
Smith Mountain Lake IS Strong. So turn your eyes upward. Wait for the rain to clear and SEE the rainbow!

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Sheridan on September 1, 2015

Your words offer hope. Colors of hope that can spread from Your sad heart to the sad heart of others. Thank you for serving as an inspiration in dark times. So glad Jack can represent your home and business flying high! Sherry

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