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Posted on October 23, 2015 by Bedfordlandings

Don’t you just love the seasonal change? With crisp fall temperatures, we are watching fog drifting just above the lake, picking ripe apples at nearby Gross Orchard, watching the colors as they change, and being amazed that our grass seed is growing at Bedford Landings!  This fall has been busy (once the rain stopped!) as guests realize how that the weekend weather could lend itself to a last minute getaway.

Fog in the Cove

Fog in the cove.

Bedford Landings has now been in business almost two years (22 months). Although we consider ourselves novices, there are still things we observe about our Bed and Breakfast clientele. These may not be trends for all Bed and Breakfasts, but it is what we are noticing.

Bedford Landings Trends

  1. Traditionally B & B’s were seen as weekend getaway places but trends in the B & B industry indicate that B & B’s are being booked more now for business travelers. That is NOT a trend for us. We still get the traditional weekend getaways but we also host a great deal of spill over from local family reunions. Besides, who comes to the lake for business? Our guests are seeking either a place to truly relax and get away from the busyness of everyday stressors or a flying destination.
  2. Our typical commuter guest is from 3-4 hours driving distance away. That may include the Northern Virginia area and parts of North Carolina like Raleigh, Winston Salem, and Greensboro. Common is the traveler who has left a little early from work to fight traffic, then trek over the mountain, drive in the dark, then scurry up to our door with the same tension as when they left work. They talk rapidly, look weary, and are often late. We rarely plan social engagements for ourselves on Friday nights just because of this effect. As we check them in, we try to help them relax into a slower pace, talk calmly, and help meet their immediate needs while we watch them melt a little as they begin to unwind.
  3. We have many guests who arise on their first morning who say, “that’s the best night’s rest I have had in months!” Well of course sleeping on a pillow top mattress on Comphy sheets in a quite, climate controlled room is part of that formula! By the way, we can order the sheets for you and have them sent to your home! Take a peek at the great new log bed in the Forest Room!
  4. We have more and more “over 50” and “over 60” guests arriving by motorcycle. I was wondering if that was a national trend so I looked it up and found that indeed, the demographic of motorcycle owners has shifted toward older owners.  Often they travel with another couple and need two rooms which is fine with us when we can accommodate them!
  5. There are those guests who have never been to a B & B. They don’t realize that we live here. Those are the ones who walk right in the front door. That’s why I try to remember to lock the door when we are in the house. Many a time I have been in the middle of something at my desk or just getting out of the shower when I hear strange voices and realize that people think this is like any business and just walk in. Just FYI. We do live here so ringing the doorbell is totally appropriate!

    Just ring the bell :-)

    Just ring the bell 🙂

  6. There are those who are intrigued with flying and airplanes and there are those who are frightened by it. Jack has just introduced sightseeing rides. Booking a flight over the lake with Bedford Landings Air Tours is a beautiful experience any time of year. I have to chuckle when people say, “no-ooo—oo I am afraid of heights!” Well Jack (our resident pilot) is also afraid if heights, yet he has been flying since he was 15 years old. It is different. He did not like climbing more than 4 rungs on a ladder when we were building the house but he doesn’t sweat 6000 feet up in an airplane!

    Smith Mountain Lake from the air

    Smith Mountain Lake from the air

  7. There are early risers and there are those who don’t rise at all. We serve breakfast at 8:00 am. Coffee is ready by 7:00 am. Sometimes folks like to come down and talk with us while we cook. We like that, but we may not engage in total eye-to-eye contact if we have to reference a recipe or measure an ingredient. Then there are those who say, “I’m not much of a breakfast eater.” Of course, after reminding them that “breakfast” is half of our specialty, we tell them that they don’t want to miss the bacon! Ninety-five percent of the guests are at the table ready to enjoy their breakfast at 8:00 am. The remaining 5% enjoy less social interaction and a breakfast that resides in the warming drawer for as long as they sleep. They are welcome to their plate when they arise, but we just hope that they remember when they write their review, that the “on time” delicacies are piping hot and arranged appealingly on the plate at 8:00am! We clean up the kitchen by 9:30.

    Breakfast Room

    Breakfast Room

  8. And speaking of reviews. Trip Advisor seems to be the most watched location for reviews of places to lodge and we thank all of our past guests (and 61 reviewers) who have written five-star reviews! Appreciation makes it most enjoyable to share our home with you!

Lastly, just in time for Fall, we are christening our new fire pit! So come warm up at Bedford Landings so we can help you turn your getaway into an experience to remember!

Firepit- New in 2015 at Bedford Landings B & B

Firepit- New in 2015 at Bedford Landings

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