Be Thankful

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

As we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, pause a moment and think of the many gifts you have in your life!  Sure, there are down moments, but all in all, life is good…especially here at the lake!

We were verbally approved by Hometown Bank for a construction and permanent loan!  We are cautious in that we have not signed the dotted line so I hope I don’t jinx it even mentioning it!  We can’t wait to get started full force again!  Jack is already losing sleep over designs and I can’t wait to paint and decorate.  In fact, I made some little throw pillows as color inspirations. (See photo)

The airplane pillow on the top left plus the basket are for the FLYING room – blue and tan colors. The top right and the table plus the paddle is for the FOREST room which will be dark brown and evergreens.  The FLYING room will be salmon and a cool green.  The pillow is close to what I want, but the little wooden fish in the basket shows more the color samples I will pull from.


For turkey day, I am so proud that Jack’s daughter, Jennifer and her husband Jesse will be hosting the Phillips-Padilla clan. In addition, my niece Katie is taking on a houseful of Browns. The next generation is stepping in and I love it!

Hopefully there will be more construction developments to report soon!  Until then, be thankful!  We are free, safe and warm!


Lewanna Stout on November 21, 2012

I am so excited for you all. God is good and we need to keep thanking him for the little things that sustain us. I will continue to pray that all of this come through. Has Jack had time to talk with the pastor about Emmaus and the event? Happy Thanksgiving. LS

Phillip Denton on November 21, 2012

Jack always fretted over designs, even when they were in production. Just something about perfection! God bless you and your families and have a great Thanksgiving! Phil

T. GARDNER on November 21, 2012

Enjoyed the post!  Happy Thanksgiving from the Gardners ________________________________

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