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Posted on July 6, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

So this week, indeed I got the shed painted and straightened up for my sister’s visit.  It still needs trim and to be finished out along the top but you can get an idea from the photo of what it will look like.  It already is enjoyable to sit there and feel the cool air that a good rainstorm brings!  We transferred Jack’s tools into the storage area and we can move about much easier in the hangar now!


We took a little break to have burgers on the 4th of July on Nancy’s dock.  Did you see the beautiful orange moon that night?  Wish I had a camera that could have captured the fireworks against the backdrop of the moon!  Instead I got these 3 fellas (Tommy, John and Jack).


Yesterday, Jack and I went to Bedford to the Building Inspector’s office and applied for the building permit for the BIG HOUSE!  Yea!  They will review it and we hope to get it within a week or two.

We have enjoyed our visit with my sister this week.  Her house footers have been dug and they have a hole about 15 feet deep on their severely sloped lot!  Since they live in Florida and can’t monitor the build, this week, she and John have already selected siding, roofing, carpet, flooring, and cabinets. Image

We are headed to see Mom today (always an adventure!) and to float in the New River with my brother in Floyd.  Then, Jack and I are going to do a little research next week by flying to a B & B in Pennsylvania. It is a fly-in B & B…so we will report back!

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