A Great Start

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Bedfordlandings

Since we opened December 17th, we have had 15 rooms nights and wonderful guests! Jack even prepared his Creme Brulee oatmeal for some guests.  He didn’t like the way the broiler made the crust so dark, so later that day, he ordered a food torch. Watch out next time we serve this!

We have found our rhythm in the kitchen and have been enjoying inn keeping!
As this was our “soft” opening to figure things out, we have now started to consider some marketing.  We have added ourselves to Trip Advisor so you can do reviews and we have  become members of the Virginia Tourism website as well as the local Bedford County Visitor’s Center. Here is how we are listed in the Va Tourism site but it took even me 4 times to find it! and in Trip Advisor, it looks as if there needs to be some reviews added to get this going. Visit Bedford (the area visitor’s center) lists our B & B.

The local magazine, the Laker did a really nice spread on our Bedford Landings opening for their special lodging issue. The Laker Weekly is visiting us again next week.  We have been very fortunate with local media outlets!

Upcoming specials are listed on the “Specials” page but include a Superbowl special and a Valentine’s special. Y’all come, we’re ready for ya!

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Marion Wetcher on January 18, 2014

Love it all!!!!Great advertising !!! Makes me want to sign up!!! :)

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