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As Innkeepers, we spend some amount of time “waiting” for our guests to arrive. Certainly on Fridays, we know better than to make plans for ourselves. Sometimes people get caught rush hour or just can’t leave work early enough to arrive for an afternoon check-in. When they do arrive, they are often frantic from driving curvy roads or frazzled from sitting in congested traffic. With the look of “finally we are here” and with the weight of their world on their shoulders, we welcome them into our home at Bedford Landings. We only hope to watch their stress melt away. After a good night’s sleep on our Comphy sheets and comfortable rooms, they are arrive for breakfast (8:00 prompt) ready to greet the day and learn more about lake life.

Jack forcing Karen to leave the house!

Amazingly enough, your Bedford Landings’ innkeepers don’t just sit at home waiting for guest arrival or for the phone to ring. Jack and Karen are pretty active in this bustling small community.

We are members of Bethlehem United Methodist Church and sing in the choir. We serve on committees within the church as well. We are members of the SML Chamber of Commerce and Jack is a board member and serves on several sub committees. Karen is a board member on the Smith Mountain Arts Council. She provides leadership for the Lakeside Singers and is active in various other arts activities.   Another of the arts activities in the Lake Writers.

This past winter, we invited the Lake Writers to come for an afternoon of cookies and conversation at Bedford Landings. We took the writers on a tour, then challenged them to write about some aspect of the Inn. This resulted in 20 short stories that Karen has compiled into a Bedtime Storybook that now can be found in each of the guest rooms. Local graphic artist, Robert Downey completed the final layout for  and cover for  this charming little book simply entitled “Sweet Dreams at Bedford Landings.”  We did not compile this as a moneymaker although we have a limited number we are willing to sell for $6.00 each. Instead we wanted to let our guests have some insights into our lives and aspects of our home.

Besides writing, visiting with family and being on the lake, Jack has been ever so busy in the hangar working on building the RV-10. I gave him a mug for Father’s Day that asks, “R-V there yet?” Nope, we are not. But he says by the “end of the year.” I am not sure which year he means, but he has the instrument panel in and the doors on the plane now. Soon it will be time to mount that engine that has been sitting in a crate for about 12 years.   He ordered it on Amazon (of all things!). It has never been out of the crate but he says, “because it has the log books,” he knows it was rebuilt as a engine for an Aztec and looks to be in great shape. OK. Awaiting seeing it up and running! Stay tuned.

Super granddaughter, Destiny was here for the month of July and I miss her help now! She became a whiz in the kitchen!

During her time here, the rest of the family spent a weekend with us. Numbering about 20 people, it was drama-free and joyful! The kids all got along and the adults shared life experiences adding to our collection of family stories that will be told in years to come!

But now that’s what it’s all about, isn’t? Living life NOW! Not waiting! What are you waiting for?

Come visit Bedford Landings! We will be here when you get here…


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Marion Wetcher on August 7, 2018

Always enjoy reading about "What's Up?" on your blog. You are so very special! I know all your guests are happy guests!

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