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Posted on March 15, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

Bedford Landings continues to take shape.  It is just as we had depicted in the model that Jack built.  See model in foreground.


The Blue Ridge TimberWrights crew continues to be a wonderful. Here they are placing the front, and largest, bent.

Front Bent

The photo below features the SIPS (Structurally insulated panels) that are cut for windows and doors.  Wiring is fed through the SIPS before they are placed. This is the corner of the dining room with windows overlooking the cove.

Dining Room corner

Then turning around, the window below looks across the driveway toward the neighbors. Each post will have a sconce.
DIning Room end

Each peg is cut to flush on one side and within one inch toward the exposed side. Yikes- really high!

Work on high

The SIPS are being worked all the way around.  This side is the Master suite.


I love the intricacy of the timbers with the complex morning shadows!


The crew will work Friday and again Monday then they will leave and we will begin laying the second floor!  Stay tuned!

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[...] is starting to actually look like the model Jack built to help me visualize things. Do you recall I posted about this a few weeks ago [...]

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