There’s a new dog in town!

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Bedfordlandings

Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast is proud to present your new vacation therapy (dog) puppy!  Weighing in a 3.5 pounds, Doolittle will greet you with his friendly wag and maybe a slight piddle of excitement when you arrive.

He has been quite entertaining and our guests are falling in love with the house dog!  We have had him now only 4 weeks and he has developed quite the helpful personality.

I encourage you to watch this little Doolittle video I put together of his helpful antics!

Doolittle of Bedford Landings

Now tell me that’s not the cutest dog ever!!

I am sorry, but no we are not pet-friendly as every dog has it’s own personality, habits, and shedding issues.  Instead, we invite you to love on Doolittle while you are here!


Vips on September 14, 2021

He is the cutest and with such a great name 😊 Love to hear his job will include giving much joy and fun to your guests. Abby was also a puppy and 3.5 lbs when she became my therapy/mascot dog here. What fun it’s going to be for you and so many to see Doolittle do his job of welcoming, entertaining and loving on everyone. Enjoy 💖

Phillip Denton on September 14, 2021

What a great video Karen!! You may have discovered a new talent, movie Director, camera operator, and Producer!! Well done, and I subscribed to your Youtube Channel!!

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