The Christmas Tree that Keeps on Giving

Posted on December 28, 2021 by Bedfordlandings


So let’s wind up 2021!  It was only slightly better than 2020!  But here we are.  We have made memories, we have stories to tell, gifts that keep on giving, and the spirit of the holidays in our hearts.  Or do we?

We put this little video together to show some of the highlights of decorating the Christmas tree for the B & B.  The tree got presents wet, ripped the paper, and broke ornaments.  Today we were just glad to be rid of the Christmas Tree that kept bringing us surprises.  What I could not capture was after we took it down, Jack loaded it on the truck to take to the dump. Half of it fell out into the road and he had to backtrack to discover it and return to the dump!

Enjoy this brief glimpse and may 2022 being us peace and good will!

The Christmas Tree that Kept on Giving. 

If you are seeking a relaxing evening on New Year’s Eve, we have three rooms still available to be reserved.  The tree is now gone so no worries there!  See our website for details. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Sally & Jack Hutslar, The owners on December 28, 2021


Sheridan on December 28, 2021

Let us know how long into 2022 you continue to find one needles! Happy New Uear!

Jack on December 28, 2021

Next year we need a BIGGER tree.

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