Cold Spring

Posted on March 28, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

We have planted grass seed and fertilized the lawn.  The forsythia and red bud have begun to bloom but I hear there may be a frost tonight!  Brrr!  It’s not quite time to move the sweaters aside and grab the sleeveless attire!  It’s around the corner though!

Boat hull

Jack could not keep out of the hangar nor have idle hands!  He is now building a sailboat.  The hull has been wired together, then fiberglass was applied to the inside.  We need three people to flip the boat over.  So now he is sanding it smooth.  It’s kind of a mess right now but I think it will be another masterpiece!

How’s Business?

Band with yellow car

Our business is starting to pick up so make your reservations now!  You may want to come in to enjoy one of the SML Boomer Band shows.  Karen sings with the Boomer band but they are not the only music in town. The summer is gearing up to be a very entertaining one!  There are a few facebook pages dedicated to promoting music and venues at Smith Mountain Lake as well! April 8 and August 6 are two of the Boomer show dates.  Email Karen for more info! We sure had fun taking our group photo with this cool car! Also Lyrics on the Lake will return over Father’s Day weekend.

Spring MUSIC!

Jack and Karen both sing with the Lakeside Singers.  About 35 community members rehearse for 4 months then offer two performances.  The performances will be June 3 (7 pm) and June 4 (2 pm) at the Trinity church with the theme of Love Letters!  Our director Melia Garber will also be featured doing a piano solo.  As a classically trained musician, you won’t want to miss that!  

So gear up for Spring….it’s a comin’!

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