Avocado Toast & Eggs Benedict

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

Today’s blog is a step by step process to make one of our most popular breakfasts.  Eggs benedict has the bread, the meat and the eggs all wrapped into one dish with a luscious, rich hollandaise sauce drizzled on top. We add our pecan encrusted bacon and fresh fruit to even out the palette.  But some people don’t care for hollandaise nor runny eggs, so we balance the plate now with avocado toast.  Then the guests seem to love it. 

Jack handles the eggs and I handle the fruit and avocado toast for this breakfast. A couple of hints.  Eggs that are at room temperature are best.  Fresh from the chicken works for us. Not all people have laying hands, so just take the eggs from the fridge and crack them as soon as you enter the kitchen. 

Eggs coming to room temperature and hollandaise sauce ready to mix.

Selecting an avocado for the day you plan to use it is a real trick.  That requires a little squeezing and estimating.  The perfect avocado for me almost peels itself.  I slice the skin into quarters then just peel the skin off. 

The ingredients I add are a bit of olive oil, a little garlic salt, fresh ground pepper and a few dried red peppers. Fresh squeezed lime juice is essential.


I use a masher (others may use it for pastry blending) to chop up the avocado.  Adding a splash of color with a little chopped tomato (which is optional)that it makes the spread more colorful!


In the meantime, Jack is boiling water and mixing up the hollandaise sauce from scratch which involves eggs yolk and butter. 

eggs in boiling water
It only takes 3 minutes to boil the eggs.

We don’t start boiling the eggs until we see the guests seated and ready. Then Voila! We add a little garnish and paprika to the plate and round it out with fresh fruit and always our pecan encrusted bacon! You gotta come visit to get the real deal (http://bedfordlandings.com). But just email through the blog if you have any questions for clarification! Enjoy!

Eggs Benedict

If We Don’t Answer the Phone…

Posted on April 28, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

Running a Bed & Breakfast is an interesting business.  Believe it or not, we don’t just sit by the phone waiting for reservations, however!  If we don’t answer the Bedford Landings Phone line, most likely we are not in the house.  Remember the old Maytag Repairman commercial?  That’s not us.

Maytag Repairman would just WAIT around for business!

Then Where are They?

Actually, Jack is the President of the SML Chamber of Commerce which involves meetings, ribbon cuttings ,and other business meetings.  He is also on the SML Center Board helping develop plans for a new community center at Smith Mountain Lake.  He teaches flight lessons, gives aerial sight-seeing tours, is on the church Board of Trustees, and is a realtor!  But, if he is on the property, he could be mowing the grass or building something; it was airplane building in the hangar, but now he is building a sailboat!  Sometimes he is playing bagpipes for weddings or funerals and he sings in the church choir.

Then where is Karen?  Karen is the President of the Smith Mountain Arts Council, give leadership to the Lakeside Singers community Chorus and is Chair of the Methodist Church Preschool Board.  She sings in the SML Boomer Band (All 60-70’s music) for charity events.  

Karen & Jack both sing in the church choir so there are several rehearsals with choirs and singing groups!

But rest assured, with the technology we have at hand, there are ways to connect!  If we don’t answer the phone, Karen’s cell number is on the voice recording.  We text, we email and Karen has the reservations calendar on her phone.  So if we are out and about, rest assured, we WILL get back to you. 

SML Boomer Band
SML Boomer Band

Your reservation is taken online and is delivered directly into Karen’s email.  The confirmation, however is personalized by Karen and added to the online calendar before it comes back to you.  The online calendar is as up to date as your reservation confirmation! So together, we can take care of you as our guests!

Doolittle Update
So if we are not doing laundry, cooking or serving in the community, we are giving Doolittle (our 11 month old pup) some attention.  He is so deprived you know!  And he still loves to steal things from us and leave them all over the house! Check out his shennanigans!  Come see for yourself!

Cold Spring

Posted on March 28, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

We have planted grass seed and fertilized the lawn.  The forsythia and red bud have begun to bloom but I hear there may be a frost tonight!  Brrr!  It’s not quite time to move the sweaters aside and grab the sleeveless attire!  It’s around the corner though!

Boat hull

Jack could not keep out of the hangar nor have idle hands!  He is now building a sailboat.  The hull has been wired together, then fiberglass was applied to the inside.  We need three people to flip the boat over.  So now he is sanding it smooth.  It’s kind of a mess right now but I think it will be another masterpiece!

How’s Business?

Band with yellow car

Our business is starting to pick up so make your reservations now!  You may want to come in to enjoy one of the SML Boomer Band shows.  Karen sings with the Boomer band but they are not the only music in town. The summer is gearing up to be a very entertaining one!  There are a few facebook pages dedicated to promoting music and venues at Smith Mountain Lake as well! April 8 and August 6 are two of the Boomer show dates.  Email Karen for more info! We sure had fun taking our group photo with this cool car! Also Lyrics on the Lake will return over Father’s Day weekend.

Spring MUSIC!

Jack and Karen both sing with the Lakeside Singers.  About 35 community members rehearse for 4 months then offer two performances.  The performances will be June 3 (7 pm) and June 4 (2 pm) at the Trinity church with the theme of Love Letters!  Our director Melia Garber will also be featured doing a piano solo.  As a classically trained musician, you won’t want to miss that!  

So gear up for Spring….it’s a comin’!

Distractions and Innkeeping

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

I have never been diagnosed with ADD but I do have distractions that take me off task.  It sometimes feels like I am that little kid in Family Circus ©.

cartoon Family Circus

When it is time to go to sleep at night, as an Innkeeper, we need to double check everything is locked up and shut down the house.  That means, leaving our quarters, assuring the step lights are on, the overhead lights are off, the door is locked, music is off, etc.  Sometimes it is a positive thing to be a little OCD to assure everything is just right so guests feel safe and comfortable as they rest!

But other times, the distractions are a little bit of a nuisance for me.  I can get a lot done, but it’s because I learned to be efficient in my movements and multi-task.  For example, carry up things that need to go upstairs up when you are headed up the stairs; or make a trip to town count by combining all errands.  But just this week, this efficiency of movement strategy almost backfired.  I had decided to precook some sausage for the next mornings’ breakfast casseroles (recipe included below!). I put the meat on the stovetop turned on medium.

Doo the Dog

Doolittle was outside so I went out to call him.  I noticed that the chairs were disarray by Marthy’s Creek and there were a lot of leaves blocking the flow of water.  I started pulling some leaves out by hand and Doolittle appeared and was chasing them.  I decided I needed to get in the garage and retrieve the blower to help with this task.  I blew all of the leaves back into the yard and tidied the patio.  I recalled I had left the deck door open when looking for DooLittle so I went back in that way to be sure to close it behind me.  Oops!  The house was smoky and the sausage was well done! Distractions!

All was ok and we didn’t need to call the fire department. Only the bottom layer of the sausage was well done!  The chickens loved it!  I was able to preserve enough for the breakfast casseroles!

This Spring, what are your distractions?  Do you consider them good distractions, therapeutic distractions, or a negative distraction?

In the meantime, enjoy making this totally simple breakfast casserole:

Bedford Landings Little Italian Casseroles

Spray non-stick cooking spray in small ramekins. Preheat oven 350 degrees.
Cook ground sweet Italian sausage (cooked not burned!)
Can of mixed tomatoes and peppers (like Rotel)
Grated Cheese of your choice
2 eggs per person
Cream – about 1/4 cup
Worcestershire sauce – a few sprinkles

Cover bottom of ramekin with cooked sausage.  Spoon on two tablespoons of mixed tomatoes and peppers, add grated cheese. Cover with egg and cream mixture. Sprinkle on some Worcestershire sauce and bake until eggs are set (not jiggly). It will take about 25 minutes. Set on a cookie sheet in the oven in case they rise beyond the dish!  Serve with salsa on the side.

Now, speaking of distractions.  In the time I have been working on this little blog post, I have put in a load of wash, taken a load from the dryer, lost – then found my phone, greeted someone at the door, and taken a phone call. It’s hard to stay focused but sometimes that’s ok.  We are getting it done here at Bedford Landings!

Next blog…will be about Jack’s new project.  He’s building a boat!

The Christmas Tree that Keeps on Giving

Posted on December 28, 2021 by Bedfordlandings



So let’s wind up 2021!  It was only slightly better than 2020!  But here we are.  We have made memories, we have stories to tell, gifts that keep on giving, and the spirit of the holidays in our hearts.  Or do we?

We put this little video together to show some of the highlights of decorating the Christmas tree for the B & B.  The tree got presents wet, ripped the paper, and broke ornaments.  Today we were just glad to be rid of the Christmas Tree that kept bringing us surprises.  What I could not capture was after we took it down, Jack loaded it on the truck to take to the dump. Half of it fell out into the road and he had to backtrack to discover it and return to the dump!

Enjoy this brief glimpse and may 2022 being us peace and good will!

The Christmas Tree that Kept on Giving. 

If you are seeking a relaxing evening on New Year’s Eve, we have three rooms still available to be reserved.  The tree is now gone so no worries there!  See our website for details. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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