A chick chick here, a chick chick–wait, WHAT?

Posted on October 22, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

In the past, I have shared stories about our “girls.” That’s how I address our brood of chickens. We started out with 5 sisters.

Five little sisters

Their breed was called Easter Eggers and they laid lovely green or blue eggs. Honeybun was the first to leave this planet as she was egg-bound. Then there were 4 left. During the Pandemic lock down, we added two new Australorps. They were also sisters. We raised them for a time in the laundry room which was a stinky process so they became named Stinky and Stanky. We slowly integrated them into the outside yard.

The Australorps laid pretty brown eggs. But one morning, we found Stanky dead in the chicken yard. Our chicken yard is very secure and the rest of the girls were ok so we didn’t suspect that another animal hurt her. Sometimes you just don’t know!

To make the long chicken story shorter, I will skip to the Spring of 2022 when our loving housekeeper, Patty gifted me two chickens for my birthday. One of them died before even being able to produce eggs. The second one, we called Daisy. We had high hopes for Daisy as the three remaining original sisters had hit chicken-menopause and were no longer laying.

We checked the egg box every day and finally one day, we heard almost a scream from the chicken yard. I thought, ‘finally Daisy has laid an egg!’ Then it happened again; but this time it sounded more like a cock-a-doodle-doo! Oh my word, Daisy was a rooster! Funny, not funny at the same time!

I had already found great homes for the non-laying three remaining sisters. The Booker T. Washington National Park ranger agreed to integrate them into the farm there. It was rather sad but I know they will be taken care of well there!

So now “one (little rooster) is the loneliest. But still crowing and the guests are noting it. We have never aspired to have a rooster. I made this little video of Daisy crowing.

The Lonely Rooster

I think I have located a nice family for Daisy. Stay tuned! Cock-a-doodle doo!


Sheridan on October 22, 2022

That story is happy and saw all in one. The cock a doodle so video is hilarious. They all had a great home with you and had high end table scraps!!!!

Wilda Whitley on October 22, 2022

Poor Dick. I am sure he is lonely, but I bet he loves you two! You are the best!! I bet they did get high end table scraps!!

Pianoboomer on October 23, 2022

My POA does not allow chickens, but I'd love to have a Sir Daisy --- so I'm going to run for the POA Board and get the Covenants changed so male, female, and other chickens are allowed.

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