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Posted on April 28, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

Running a Bed & Breakfast is an interesting business.  Believe it or not, we don’t just sit by the phone waiting for reservations, however!  If we don’t answer the Bedford Landings Phone line, most likely we are not in the house.  Remember the old Maytag Repairman commercial?  That’s not us.

Maytag Repairman would just WAIT around for business!

Then Where are They?

Actually, Jack is the President of the SML Chamber of Commerce which involves meetings, ribbon cuttings ,and other business meetings.  He is also on the SML Center Board helping develop plans for a new community center at Smith Mountain Lake.  He teaches flight lessons, gives aerial sight-seeing tours, is on the church Board of Trustees, and is a realtor!  But, if he is on the property, he could be mowing the grass or building something; it was airplane building in the hangar, but now he is building a sailboat!  Sometimes he is playing bagpipes for weddings or funerals and he sings in the church choir.

Then where is Karen?  Karen is the President of the Smith Mountain Arts Council, give leadership to the Lakeside Singers community Chorus and is Chair of the Methodist Church Preschool Board.  She sings in the SML Boomer Band (All 60-70’s music) for charity events.  

Karen & Jack both sing in the church choir so there are several rehearsals with choirs and singing groups!

But rest assured, with the technology we have at hand, there are ways to connect!  If we don’t answer the phone, Karen’s cell number is on the voice recording.  We text, we email and Karen has the reservations calendar on her phone.  So if we are out and about, rest assured, we WILL get back to you. 

SML Boomer Band
SML Boomer Band

Your reservation is taken online and is delivered directly into Karen’s email.  The confirmation, however is personalized by Karen and added to the online calendar before it comes back to you.  The online calendar is as up to date as your reservation confirmation! So together, we can take care of you as our guests!

Doolittle Update
So if we are not doing laundry, cooking or serving in the community, we are giving Doolittle (our 11 month old pup) some attention.  He is so deprived you know!  And he still loves to steal things from us and leave them all over the house! Check out his shennanigans!  Come see for yourself!

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Sheridan on April 28, 2022

This couple is invested in the Smith Mountain Lake Community! Thank you!

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