Avocado Toast & Eggs Benedict

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

Today’s blog is a step by step process to make one of our most popular breakfasts.  Eggs benedict has the bread, the meat and the eggs all wrapped into one dish with a luscious, rich hollandaise sauce drizzled on top. We add our pecan encrusted bacon and fresh fruit to even out the palette.  But some people don’t care for hollandaise nor runny eggs, so we balance the plate now with avocado toast.  Then the guests seem to love it. 

Jack handles the eggs and I handle the fruit and avocado toast for this breakfast. A couple of hints.  Eggs that are at room temperature are best.  Fresh from the chicken works for us. Not all people have laying hands, so just take the eggs from the fridge and crack them as soon as you enter the kitchen. 

Eggs coming to room temperature and hollandaise sauce ready to mix.

Selecting an avocado for the day you plan to use it is a real trick.  That requires a little squeezing and estimating.  The perfect avocado for me almost peels itself.  I slice the skin into quarters then just peel the skin off. 

The ingredients I add are a bit of olive oil, a little garlic salt, fresh ground pepper and a few dried red peppers. Fresh squeezed lime juice is essential.


I use a masher (others may use it for pastry blending) to chop up the avocado.  Adding a splash of color with a little chopped tomato (which is optional)that it makes the spread more colorful!


In the meantime, Jack is boiling water and mixing up the hollandaise sauce from scratch which involves eggs yolk and butter. 

eggs in boiling water
It only takes 3 minutes to boil the eggs.

We don’t start boiling the eggs until we see the guests seated and ready. Then Voila! We add a little garnish and paprika to the plate and round it out with fresh fruit and always our pecan encrusted bacon! You gotta come visit to get the real deal (http://bedfordlandings.com). But just email through the blog if you have any questions for clarification! Enjoy!

Eggs Benedict

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