February Checklist Complete – Well into March

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

During slower winter months, we, at Bedford Landings do our upgrades and maintenance.  Here is the short checklist we have just completed!

Complete the dumbwaiter and make it work.
Our first February checklist item was to install the dumbwaiter. We had been saving for this item since we built the house. We ordered our dumbwaiter in January and hoped to work on it the month of January and February. It did not arrive until mid -February but working diligently, Jack as fussed and cussed it into working! It will stop on all three levels; the garage for groceries, the kitchen to unload groceries and send down trash, and the upper level to send up clean sheets and towels the send down dirties.

Wrestling with the second floor unit and installing the door.

Wrestling with the second floor unit and installing the door.


Showing the kitchen level who is boss! #1 installer- Jack!

Just a sampling of the tools strewn about the house!

Host a Murder Mystery for 36 participants
All February, I have been planning the Murder Mystery and now…Phew! Check! It’s over! It’s a lot of work to host a murder mystery but everyone’s enjoyment overrides the work that goes into it. Everyone was so busy trying to solve the mystery and really staying in character!

It was the first time I had done “Live feed.” You can see how busy everyone is in this feed.  Also more photos in our Facebook page.

Attend the state inn keeping conference

Each year, we try to attend a professional conference. This year, only I was able to attend.  The state B & B Association conference was in Richmond, Virginia. Having registered for only a one-day stay, I think I gathered a lot of valuable ideas. One, which I will expound on another time – YOLO. Do you know what it means?

Learn all of the capitals of the countries of Africa
Well, not really on my bucket list, but helping our grand daughter, we learned together all 57 capitals! They may change by next week but we got them down this week!

Stay tuned for the next blog…YOLO!

Winter Months Lead to Changes at Bedford Landings B & B

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

Dumbwaiter a Smart Idea!
During the “off season” we plan home maintenance and any structural changes. This year, we are installing a dumbwaiter. For those who have been to Bedford Landings B & B, you will recognize from the photos where this is being installed. The waiter will be functional over three floors. We will be able to load groceries from the garage level to go up to the kitchen, send clean sheets and towels up to the guest room level and dirty laundry down. PEOPLE cannot ride the dumb waiter as it has a 100 lb. weight limit.   The mechanics were to have arrived in January (our slowest month) but they did not arrive until mid February. Not wanting to create dust while guests were in the house, we delayed installation until this week.   Jack has been in the shaft working to install the track. Here are a few photos.


Kitchen level by the back door.


Garage level.


Upstairs common level by the Flying Room.


Jack puzzling over what to do!

It's horizontal now but soon it will be vertical!

It’s horizontal now but will be vertical!

Brightening Up the Fishing Room
The Fishing Room is one of our guest favorites. It is just cozy.  I decided it was time to try out chalk paint and brighten up the Fishing Room! My artist friend Lisa Floyd says chalk paint will “cover about anything,” so I painted a dark dresser with a salmon color and changed out the hardware. I like it! How about you?

Dresser BEFORE chalk paint.

Dresser BEFORE chalk paint.

The AFTER shot!

The AFTER shot!

Love at Bedford Landings
We absolutely delight in seeing other people happy and love surprises (at least Karen does!). For Valentine’s Day, the female in this couple planned a sightseeing flight over the lake.  He loved it!  And, when they landed, the local group (The Harmeneers) was there to serenade them right in the hangar!!  It was just a happy, happy moment!

1 (1)

Horseback Riding at the Smith Mountain Lake
We often feel like tour guides suggesting things to do and places to go around Smith Mountain Lake. A place we have come to enjoy ourselves and would highly recommend is Spring Valley Farms. Last weekend we took our daughter’s family including three grandchildren to ride horses. Their rates are totally reasonable, their horses are gentle. and the guides are informative! Even if you have never ridden horses before this is a great place to start! Here is a group shot from our ride!


Family Horseback Riding at Spring Valley Farm

Family Horseback Riding at Spring Valley Farm

Murder Mystery Excitement Grows!
The Murder Mystery is officially sold out! We are busy making menu plans and emailing participants in anticipation of an exciting murder enactment! This is our second year holding the Murder Mystery. It was so much fun last year that we are hosting it again.  If we have a second successful event, we may again host it next year! We are just hoping that the dumbwaiter is completed by the time this event rolls around March 11th! Otherwise the installation shaft would be a good place to hide the body! Just kidding! Can’t wait!

Researching Other Fly-in B & Bs

We took a quick jaunt to Florida the beginning of February in an attempt to discover other fly-in locations. We had a lovely stay at Cedar Keys B & B in Cedar Keys Florida. There is a quaint little town, five tie-down spaces, and an innkeeper who will come pick you and your luggage up by golf cart. The weather turned a little iffy for our next stop at Port St. Joe so we will have to postpone that stop for another time.

Cedar Key, FL

We are trying to gather a list of fly-in B  & Bs. The other one that we often recommend as worth the stop is Oz’s Homestay at Freefall Oz in Pennsylvania. They have a nice grass strip right on their property and Oz is a great chef!

We brought unseasonably warm weather back with us from Florida, but I can’t imagine that this streak will continue. However, it is fine with me if the old groundhog was wrong! Spring can’t come fast enough for me! The crocuses are blooming, as are the daffodils and forsythia! It MUST be around the corner!

Flowers in February! Go figure!

Flowers in February! Go figure!

Marie Campbell Exhibits has Art at Bedford Landings B & B

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

Bedford Landings welcomes the art of Marie Campbell for January and February! Maris is a local artist with the Art Visions Group (14 artists sharing a studio located off Scruggs Road near the big chicken!) Once she became fully retired, Marie began really enjoying her craft. Her work subjects are varied but her favorite medium are oils. You can learn more about Marie from her blog 

Artwork by Marie Campbell

Artwork by Marie Campbell

Big Blue is one of the features we have hanging now!  If you would like to see more, please let us know and we are happy to give you a tour!

March Murder Mystery

Posted on January 20, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

When we attended our first Murder Mystery, it was such fun! It didn’t matter who we were were or that we were in a groups of strangers, fearful of having to create idle chit chat!  We just had to be a fictional character based on the bio that had been sent by the organizers. I took a few notes, tracked down people to question, and even snacked and had a glass of wine in between. Did I guess the murderer? No I didn’t. The story line was far more complex than I had realized.

Last year at Bedford Landings B & B, we hosted a March Murder Mystery. Everyone had such fun and were so busy that it made it fun for us! Many of the participants from last year have asked us to do it again — so we are!

On March 11, we will again host a Murder Mystery. There will be a new story line and we are using the same company (Step into the Mystery) as last year to compose the plot. Get your March Murder Mystery tickets now! Early bird  TICKETS are $30 and those purchasing in March will pay $35 (it just helps us in the planning!)

March Murder Mystery…don’t wait!  Plan now!

Who committed the crime?!

Who committed the crime?!

Make Bedford Landings Your Winter Wonderland Getaway!

Posted on January 10, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

Brrr! Baby it’s cold outside! Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast became a winter wonderland last week. Yes, and it was beautiful…for awhile. Today is the first day above freezing since it snowed last Friday (January 6th). When it first starts snowing, it is so pretty and exciting to see, to watch the birds at the feeders, and build a nice warm fire. But now it can melt. Please melt!

Here are a few of our winter wonderland photos from Bedford Landings.


Who hasn’t ever made a snow angel? Destiny demonstrates.

Still coming down on Marthy's Creek!

Still snowing… on Marthy’s Creek!

From the star gazing deck.

From the star gazing deck.

LIttle piggy birds!

Little piggy birds!


Eleanor Pigby, still in her Christmas finery, was none too amused about the weather!

Plowing the driveway with Bella's help!

Plowing the driveway with Bella’s help!

Marie Campbell, Artist

Speaking of Winter Wonderland, there is a new painting hanging in Bedford Landings called “First Snow.” Marie Campbell, our in-house artist for the next several months is displaying lovely rural, landscape, and lake scenes including these titles:
April in Virginia, Sheepwatchers, After the Storm, Big Blue (Heron), View from Claytor Farm, Out on a Limb, White House in the Blue Ridge, and Man’s Best Friend.

Marie grew up in Upstate New York taking courses in art at St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. She then studied plein air painting under Henry Vyfinkle along the St. Lawrence River. She loves to paint nature and landscapes. She is a member of Art Visions (located on Scruggs Road at Smith Mountain Lake). You can see more of her work on her blog:
Or, just come stay with us or stop in to see what she has on display at Bedford Landings.

Winter Getaway

Jack and I welcome you to make Bedford Landings your Winter Wonderland Getaway! You can enjoy a nice warm fire, a convenient hot tub, a cozy theater room with an over 300 movie selections, and scrumptious breakfasts. fireplace

If you reserve in January, we’ll include a bottle of bubbly champagne for your enjoyment! Just say you saw it on the blog!

We are planning to take a cooking class (closed January 27) at the Culinaria Cooking School in Northern Virginia  to see if we can get some new tips and ideas. But all other days in January are open for your stay!

snowflakeThink winter! Think cozy. Think get-away! Make Bedford Landings your Winter Wonderland Getaway!! Think warm!sunshine

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