Taking Flight

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Bedfordlandings
Author and Jamison

Jamison seeing the book for the first time.

Introducing my third children’s book!  

I was so excited to join Jamison’s first grade class in Raleigh, NC at the number one Magnet School in the country (or so I was told) – AB Combs Elementary.  I was equally impressed with the children in their classroom’s attentiveness. But, (not that I am biased) I adored spending time with my grandson Jamison who is a main character in my new children’s book entitled “Taking Flight.” Illustrated by Julia Phillips, a local artist to Smith Mountain Lake, this story (as in all of my books) has an underlying message and this one is about eating well and fitness in children.  Head elf, Gordy grows too large to ft into his elf suit so Jamison has to help deliver the Christmas gifts with Santa.  Julia did a remarkable job of capturing the story with her renditions. Jack took some video footage of the day at the school that I edited together into a little story about the day. Each of our family members received a copy at Thanksgiving and there will be two book signings this weekend.

My other two books have a message as well.  Cloudy with a Chance of Dreams features Jaxon (our oldest grand son). The story is about having trouble paying attention in school and the way his mother managed this including some reinforcements flying in an airplane. The book featuring Destiny Jayda (our grand daughter) is entitled Fly me Home and is about a girl who is having trouble making friends at school. She is being raised by a single (pilot) father who determines one way to manage her feelings about change and school is home schooling while she travels with him in the airplane. Book cover

Why the messages in the books and why the airplanes?

As a retired child development facility member, it’s just hard for me to NOT educate.  Books are a great way to entertain and spend close time with a child. Through the story, the child can imagine themselves in the role.  That in turn leads to conversations between parents or grandparents and children which can lead to solutions in their own lives.  And airplanes?  Jack is a pilot and we live on an airport. We sell these books in our Bed & Breakfast which is situated adjacent to the W91 airport. We need more young pilots in training of course so there is some airplane terminology also appearing in the books.

Lastly, this is our I have enjoyed not only honoring my grand children but to spend some of my retirement time.  This year, we are being blessed with so many new babies, however that I am considering the next book to be about a GROUP of children including all of those precious ones who have been born (and will be born) the last 2 years…Lyla, RJ, Zahra, Emma Grace, Eliana, and (due in February), Gabe. And just maybe nieces Kendall, Jaylyn, and Charlotte will have starring roles as well as our family continues to grow! Wow!

Ho, ho ho and Merry Christmas!!!

Get Ready to Give Thanks!

Posted on November 7, 2018 by Bedfordlandings

When folks at our breakfast table at Bedford Landings enter into a political discussion, we divert and redirect them the best we can so no one walks away with indigestion. Instead we want people to feel relaxed and not defensive, on edge, or challenged in a negative way while they are here. I am just glad we are getting an election break!

It has already been a beautiful fall!. The colors are brilliant and the sunsets are amazing!

Fall leaves

Fall colors

lovely sunset

Fall Sunset

We enjoyed the chili fest last weekend along with the fall festival at the Booker T. Washington National Park. We got not even one trick-or-treater at our door. But enjoyed dressing up nonetheless as Chick magnet (I know they are ducks but there were no chicks available!) and Fork-in-the-Road to make an appearance at a wonderful fall meal at my sister’s house.Halloween costumes












Jack is ecstatic that his has been able to mount the engine on his RV-10 airplane building project. Now to wire it all up! airplane engine

He won’t get as much work done the rest of this week as he has gone to help our church mission team muck out houses in Beaufort, NC. Bella was none too happy to see him leave, marking her man with her paw in the photo!

man and his dogIn the meantime, I have completed my third children’s book. Jamison is the featured grand child and he will be the first to get a copy when I go to his first grade classroom in Raleigh on November 20 to present it to him and read to his class. I am so excited. If you want a sneak peek, my amazon page is ready! This one is a Christmas story.

We hope you will come visit Bedford Landings for a quick get away and enjoy a fire pit S’more’s package, a nice glass or full bodied wine and unwind!

As Thanksgiving approaches, think back on the last year. Think of the trials and issues that presented themselves and also the wondrous gifts of life, love, jobs, a warm home, kind friends and loving family. Giving thanks on this end!!

Seasons Come and Seasons Go!

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Bedfordlandings

Summer was busy at Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast, but summer is over and we are moving into fall. Many of our summer guests have indicated that they wanted to come back as the leaves were changing. I am not sure when the leaves actually change. It’s all a nature-driven formula where trees adjust their chlorophyll. The length of the day, the changes in temperature, and the rainfall all come into play. Higher elevations change first but according to the Virginia Department of Forestry, our peak season for central Virginia will be October 10-20. Some other sources push this out 5 days since we have still held to warmer temperatures.

At Smith Mountain Lake, the season is extended with special events scheduled into the fall. Make your reservation as soon as you can plan it out! But also consider a Flightseeing airplane ride with Jack over the lake or the Peaks of Otter!

Some of the events include such fun as:

October 12-13, 2018
• Smith Mountain Arts Council Art Show– Bethlehem United Methodist Church
• SML Antique and Classic Boat Show – Mariner’s Landing
Oktoberfest – Westlake Towne Center

apple basketOctober 20
• Gross’ Orchard Apple Harvest Festival

November 3
• Harvest Festival at Booker T. Washington National Monument
• SML Fall Chili and Craft Fest – at Bridgewater Plaza

November 10
Veteran’s Day Ceremony – D-Day Memorial,  Bedford, Va

November 17
Thomas Jefferson’s Wine Festival- Poplar Forest

November 24
Christmas Around Bridgewater– Santa Arrives

For additional events, check out the SML Chamber of Commerce Calendar.

The Eye of the Beholder — as well as the Camera!

Posted on September 6, 2018 by Bedfordlandings

When I was a senior in high school, I received an Instamatic camera from my parents for Christmas. I loved taking snap shots and getting the film results back! Yes, it would take about 2 weeks for developing the film, but I checked the mailbox every day until the prints were returned. I don’t know what happened to that little camera.

Later, in my professional (working) years, I was always the one to be an early adapter with new technology. I learned how to use the digital camera in the office and was the one who remembered to bring the camera to the meetings and conferences. At first these cameras actually held a 3.5-inch floppy disk and only about 4 or 5 photos would fit on that disk! But you could insert it right into the computer much like today’s microchips.

A few years ago, I purchased my own 35MM digital camera. I have enjoyed taking photos but then last year, I wanted to learn more about how to make my photos better. Canon Camera

I joined a local photo club sponsored by the Smith Mountain Arts Council and quickly learned that my technology was out of date. I needed a new camera!

At Christmas, my husband proudly handed me a gift to unwrap and there it was…a new camera. Canon CameraHe got a good laugh giving me the original camera I had started with but then gave me the REAL gift of an Olympus OM-D.

I will never be a professional photographer although I enjoy dabbling! Each month, I go to the photo club meeting and listen to the experienced photographers speak photo-ease; shooting in the raw, using presets, bracketing, stitching, etc. Some of this I am clearly not ready for yet! I am still learning the basics and must admit to often checking my settings with the AUTO button before guessing the best shutter and aperture settings. Apparently learning to know what settings to use should be a quick and automatic response and one that signifies that I have “control” over my camera and don’t just let the camera decide the appropriate settings.

What I really enjoy about photography is capturing a unique shot, using light and shadows for drama and emphasis, and capturing memories so I can revisit the photos later (when I am old and senile!!) or to use to market our Bed & Breakfast.

porch rocker

Bedford Landings front porch relaxation.

When I was an early childhood professor, we often would take photos of the children at work/play then show the pictures back to the children to ask them what they were thinking about at that time or what they were doing. It is a great technique understanding their thought processes.

In photography, I am interested in the creative aspects or finding a great shot. I like finding unique angles, or interesting light and shadows represented though the lens.

old keysI find that I am less interested in understanding technology of what makes it happen and even less able to manipulate the photo with post processing software. I want to capture the “perfect” shot by what I see with the lens not rely on knowing that I can adjust and make a good shot even better by spending hours with post photo processing software. I have even wondered, is photo processing cheating?
If I have captured a photo that I think is worthy to enter into a photo show and it competes against one that has been highly processed, which one is more genuine? Which one has been entered fairly?

I was trying to think of a parallel where technology allows the job to be easier and get a better result. When I moved to Raleigh, NC, I carried a map with me. It was before GPS and I had to learn my way around. My children used to say, “Mom, all you do is look at that map then turn around.” Indeed I did but I learned the north-south streets and the east west streets and all of the short cuts to get around by the time GPS emerged! So is relying on a GPmapS cheating? It sure makes the job easier, doesn’t it.. and saves time.

Maybe I am cheating a little. I do crop and adjust exposure from time to time. I don’t do a lot of other adjustments. In understanding myself and this issue, I did some reading and found that there are two schools of thought. Apparently Ansel Adams spent hours editing his work, albeit with film. Some feel that post processing is not genuine and others think it allows more control over one’s work.

In writing (to work through my feelings) about photo adjusting, I determined that I am at just at an early stage of learning. I need to understand the basics before I can trust and believe in the added techno-enhancements. Maybe first in learning the basics of photography, then later the added technology in this newfound hobby will come easier to me. In the meantime, I really like some of what I have captured, without much knowledge of how to make it even better! But I am still learning though!  And it is all in the eye of the beholder — as well as the camera!


Taken in Buenos Aires, I just liked the underlying (potential) meanings of this neighborhood and the pop of color.

apple basket

I took this at the Booker T. Washington National Monument on one of their festival days. It just seemed so natural to me.

Man's hand with flowers

I met a young man in a park in Chicago and asked him to hold these flowers against the blue sky. Then I changed this to Black and White. Seemed sort of dramatic to me.

mom-daughter hug

To me the love (emotion) came out between this mother and child. They were re-enacting in a Booker T. Washington play but actually are mother and daughter!

Eat Your Vegetables – Accommodating Vegans

Posted on August 22, 2018 by Bedfordlandings

When guests make reservations, we ask them about dietary restrictions and to name foods that they just don’t like. Within reason, we try to accommodate special diets in planning breakfasts. For example, we can easily substitute almond milk for cow’s milk, or although we hate to do it, we can use gluten-free flours for biscuits when we have planned “homemade biscuits by Jack.” gluten free batters

We can serve naked bacon for diabetics by leaving off the pecan encrusting with our signature bacon. For and those who can’t eat pork they get turkey sausage! And we have vegetarian guests who we can please with a healthy veggie frittata! Many who make special dietary requests make them because of particular health reasons!


Vegans are a little difficult in that we need to probe a little deeper to ask if they can tolerate butter, eggs cooked within a dish, or yogurt. This week in planning for a guest, we were asked to cook vegan but “don’t go to any trouble.”

To clarify, we like going to trouble to #1 please our guests and #2 so any guest doesn’t feel singled out. Just putting a little peanut butter on toast and serving it is not really our style. So please know that when you come to Bedford Landings, we don’t do toast. Instead, for breakfast you get a served and plated home made breakfast with fresh ingredients (With the exception of English Muffins for Eggs Benedict, we make everything from scratch. We haven’t mastered home made English muffins…yet!)

biscotti batter

Lovely batter, not too sticky nor too dry.

But I digress.  Let me go further to describe what we are preparing for our Vegan guest. I was talking with a friend of mine who was busy in her kitchen making pumpkin spice Biscotti. Wow! Pumpkin spice Biscotti- that would be perfect!

I learned of the biscotti when I was thanking her for a gift that she sent to us – silicone fingertip hot pads. I have seen the rubberized hot pads (or do you call them pot holders) in kitchen shops but they looked as if they would melt against heat. Due to this thoughtful gift, I can now report that they do not melt! I just keep wanting to make them talk to each other like little puppets! But, in the meantime, Kelly shared her biscotti recipe with me. Thank-you! I just wish I could convey the wonderful aroma of baking biscotti as I write this blog!
chickens eating pumpkin

biscotti batter

Lovely batter, not too sticky nor too dry!

The mix went together beautifully. It only called for half a cup of pumpkin.  What does one do with the other half?  Feed it to the chickens of course!  They loved it!

The recipe was not too difficult.  We like made from scratch, not too difficult recipes!  Since it is a new recipe, I made it a day ahead of time, in case it flopped. But it’s supposed to be dry, right?

Take a look at these photos of the process and note the cool neon green fingertip hot pads!

Of course biscotti will be accompanied by other fruit and side dishes plus the non-vegans will get the pecan-encrusted bacon and savory omelets besides.

biscotti in the oven

Two biscotti logs going into the oven

baked biscotti

First baked at 350 degrees. Note the neon mitts!

The batter is baked once for 20 minutes then cooled, sliced, and baked again to dry.  A glaze of white chocolate is totally optional.

glazed biscotti

Now if I can just get back to cooking and less finger play!




Dedicated to our (late) friend Tom Brown who truly loved to eat and would have surely tried this recipe!

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