New Artist in the House

Posted on June 5, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

artWe are pleased to have new summer art adoring the walls of Bedford Landings B & B!  Barbara Moody has paintings of sailboats, pigs, the lake, and some really cool collages.

Barbara Moody has spent most of her life in artistic pursuits, with an Art Education degree from the University of Delaware and a minor in Photography. She taught eight years in Delaware before moving with her husband Chip, to Lynchburg, Virginia, where they raised two children. Barb taught Art at schools in Campbell County and Lynchburg City, and Photography in summer programs at Central Virginia Community College. In 1993, she helped start an innovative Arts program at a new magnet school in Lynchburg. For eighteen years she taught Visual and Performing Arts in her dream job, including many different arts disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture, puppetry, dance, theatre, television production, photography, and more. In 1995 she was named Virginia Region V Teacher of the Year, and the following year, the Southwest Region Elementary Art Teacher of the Year. During that time she also worked as a Master Teacher for Blue Ridge Public Television.

Always the teacher, Barb rarely had time for her own art, but over the years her interests have been in painting, fused and stained glass work, jewelry-making, and photography. After retirement she has finally been able to focus more on her art. Barb and Chip found a place at Smith Mountain Lake with its endless water views and beautiful mountain vistas. “First with camera, and then with brushes and paint, I have found my inspiring happy place.” She has joined a talented group of working artists at Art Visions Gallery in the Westlake area of Smith Mountain Lake. Over the years she has exhibited works at the Fine Arts Center in Lynchburg, the Virginia Art Educators Exhibit, Art Visions Gallery in Westlake, the SMAC Art Show, the SMAC Photography Show, and CJ’s at the lake.

My Favorites
One of my favorite pieces that Barb she has hung at Bedford Landings is a collage. Barb’s uncle was a musician she she did this creative piece for him.  But she can do custom collages. Just imagine other areas that could be represented…from medical fields to civil servants, teachers to hairdressers!  If you want to take a closer look, contact me and you can come by the B & B and view the art!


If you are aware of other artists in the area who would like to have Bedford Landings B & B host their art for a month, contact Karen. 

The Chickens are Alive and Well at Bedford Landings!

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The Chickens are Alive and Well at Bedford Landings!

We poured a concrete footer than added concrete block.  Purpose to keep out the digging critters!

We have come a long way from this…

At least he knows what HE is doing!

To supporting the Foundation


…to adding a coop…


Destiny helping add fencing.



Nearly complete. All we need to add is trim!


Happy chickens

Of course Destiny named them Buttercup, Honeybun, Cookie, etc and Jack renamed them Drumstick, McNuggets, Buffalo Wing, etc.  They are still adolescents so we won’t have eggs for 6 weeks!  But stay tuned!  The Chickens are Alive and Well at Bedford Landings!

A Chick Chick here, a Chick Chick there!

Posted on April 25, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

In running a Bed & Breakfast, we use a lot of eggs. We prepare all of our breakfast dishes with fresh ingredients, including eggs. For example, to prepare Eggs Benedict for just two people, we use 7 eggs. Currently, we purchase 2-3 dozen eggs a week from a family nearby. This family washes them, puts them in a carton and even delivers them for $3 per dozen. This sounds far easier than the little project we are involved in right now of preparing to raise our own chickens! Yes, we are building a chicken yard!  A Chick Chick here, a Chick Chick there!

How much will we save?

Since we use 2-dozen eggs a week during the off-season and about 4-dozen a week during the summer months, let’s just call the average number of eggs we use three dozen. Now, doing the math, a chicken yields about one egg per day. With seven days a week, I am planning to acquire 5 chickens. This approximately 3 dozen eggs a week will save us $468 per year. If that is the savings, what are the costs?

What’s the investment?

The investment is more in up front expenses, of course since we have to build the little chickens a home! We now have spent several hundred dollars in supplies including concrete and lumber to build a chicken yard and chicken house. I turned to Pinterest for the plans! (Sidenote: Jack is not real happy with Pinterest about now!)

What will they eat?

I hear chickens will eat all of our excess food scraps including peelings and egg shells! Nice! Now I won’t have to compost! But will I have to supplement with chicken feed? Yes, most likely. How much will that cost? Well, let me just consult one of my reference books!!

ChickenBooksThe books say that laying hens (or pullets) need about 1/4 pound of feed a day. And kids say they don’t need to learn math! Here’s another practical word problem! Although I will build up to 5 chickens, I am starting with just 4 laying hens; no roosters (And yes, chickens can lay eggs without roosters- think about it!). With 4 hens needing ¼ lb. of feed each, that is a total of one pound of feed per day. And for one year…that is 52 pounds of feed. But, which feed? What do I buy?! Back to the books…
Mash-really finely ground- but that’s usually for chicks…
Scratch– the books say it’s like candy but the chickens love scratching around the ground for these corn pieces.
Pellets are each equally nutritious, but they are boring to eat and then chickens pick at each other to entertain themselves! Really?!
Crumbles– Research shows that chickens grow and lay better by eating crumbles. We like good research!
Grit– This is just limestone and granite! They need this for their gizzard! Won’t the ground up egg shells give them grit?!

The books say we want to grow our pullets slowly for strong bones so at first the protein needs to be 18 percent for the first 14 weeks and 16% after that. How old are my new chickens? I don’t even know! Let me just price Crumbles with 16% protein. Google that! There is a great variance in protein percentages, but I found one with 16% protein concentration in crumbles in a quantity for 50 pounds of feed for $15.00. Now I have to store that feed in a large plastic trashcan, determine the type of bedding to use, get a feeding trough and watering container.

✔ Feed $15 (Note that the original post was incorrect.  I need 7.3 bags of feed for one year; 365 pounds per year)=$109.50 for feed per year but $15 would get me started!)

✔ Trash can for feed $27.00

Feeding Trough $20

✔ Watering container $30

✔ Shavings for bedding $20 (for starters)

Total of $112 to get started (well, plus the building supplies!)

My head is spinning!  And the chicken house isn’t done (photos below showing what we have done so far). It has been raining profusely!   And the chickens will be here Saturday! My house isn’t ready and their breakfast is not yet prepared!  ….A chick chick here, a chick chick there!


I did move some of this sod to another location in the yard!

At least he knows what HE is doing!

At least he knows what HE is doing!

We poured a concrete footer then added concrete block. Purpose to keep out the digging critters!

We poured a concrete footer than added concrete block. The purpose is to keep out the digging critters!

And this is how it sits still and it is still raining!

And this is how it sits still and it is still raining!


Love Letters from Bedford Landings B & B

Posted on April 11, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

Bedford Landings is about Love but we have no Love Letters!
Sad, huh?  We have a mousehole.  Many places don’t have that!  We (almost) have a chicken coop! We have a dumb waiter, but we have no LOVE Letters! Maybe that will be our project next year!

Our Bed & Breakfast is located at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.  Known as the Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are nestled between mountain ranges and a 22,000 acre lake.  Smith Mountain Lake has LOVE Letters! And we hear that the City of Bedford (our county seat) is getting LOVE letters!

Smith Mountain Lake’s LOVE letters are featured on the cover of the 2017 Smith Mountain Lake Visitor’s Guide. Local photographer (and fun friend!) Jen Chaconas took the official LOVE letters photo on the cover of the Visitor’s Guide.

What are LOVE letters? Maybe you have seen some of the larger than life-sized letters spelling out “LOVE” around Virginia.  They are intended to be a tourist attraction but also to carry out the theme that Virginia is for lovers! The latest installment is at Chincoteague Island. I LOVE, LOVE this one!


And the one in Lynchburg, VA is way cool!  Lynchburg is just 45 minutes from Bedford Landings.

We just learned that there is even a Love Letters map! Wouldn’t that be a fun excursion to photograph as many of the LOVE letters as you could visit?
So even though we don’t have LOVE Letters (yet!) we are all about LOVE, escapes, get aways, good eating, fun, lake life, and more!  So visit the LOVE letters, share the love, and enjoy the beautiful spring!


YOLO…Staying at Bedford Landings is a Must!

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

What is YOLO? You Only Live Once!

And if YOLO is true, staying at Bedford Landings is a must! Put us on your bucket list! Located in the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake area, we have many experiences that will help you build a fantastic YOLO experience!

Do you like craft beers? Sunken City Brewery is the place to visit! Sunken City is a 25-barrel, four-vessel brew house, featuring a tasting room and pub, retail store, and beer garden. Located along Route 122 at Westlake Towne Center near the shores of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, they are 30 minutes from Bedford Landings. Check out their website to see how they named this brewery.

Do you enjoy wine tasting? Bedford Landings is located within 10 minutes of two wonderful vineyards – Ramulose Ridge  and Hickory Hill. They are both wonderful wines run by very interesting families. They both have very cool tasting rooms, yet their wines are quite different from each other. Tasting for their array of wines is only $5 and we sell a few selections from each of these vineyards at Bedford Landings.  Hickory Hill hosts a very relaxing evening on the lawn select Saturdays in the summer called “Sunset Saturdays.”

Two friends toasting the sunset at Hickory Hill Winery.

Two friends toasting the sunset at Hickory Hill Winery.

Also located in Bedford County is the Peaks of Otter winery (and we have coupons here), Seven Doors Vineyards and White Rock Vineyards.  I have just learned that White Rock also brews beer! You can make an afternoon of just checking out these great locations!

Staying at Bedford Landings is a must when you plan your adventure! After a full day, you can come back “home” and relax in the hot tub or chill while watching a movie in the theater room!

Do you like to Adventure Sightseeing? Bedford Landings Air Tours does sight seeing rides over the lake. You can climb into the Cessna 170b airplane right from Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast for this grand experience. Jack will point out interesting sights including the vineyards, the SML Dam, Bridgewater and more. See: .

Smith Mountain Lake Air Tours (

Smith Mountain Lake Air Tours (

Do you have kids who like to look for treasure? Try geocaching! Just down load the GEOCACHE app and start the fun! My grand daughter and I did this one summer. There are may geocache near by and around SML – some even in the water!

Do you enjoy just shopping and looking at cool stuff? There are many shops in addition to antiquing at the lake and in Bedford! Just a few of the shops at the lake include the Bridgewater Plaza shops, Affordable Home Outlet and the Antique Mall in Downtown Moneta; Southern Roots, The General Store, Discovery Store, and Reclaimed on Scruggs Road; the Cottage Gate, Just Made Scents, and Lighthouse Gifts and Books at Westlake; The Southern Goat, and the US Alpaca Store at Westlake Commons (across from Krogers). All are great places to pick up unusual items or just browse.

How about Golfing? There are two public golf courses – Westake and Mariner’s Landing. There are also fun putt-putt courses- Harbortown Mini-Golf at Bridgwater Plaza, and Hot Shots Family Fun Center on Virginia 122.

If you are staying at Bedford Landings after a day of shopping or golfing, we want to hear your golf score and see your purchases! You can come back “home” and take a nap or go for a dip in the lake at the community dock.

Love their teeth! Poser!!

Love their teeth! Poser!!

It’s always fun to see and learn about unusual animals? We have several alpaca farms at Smith Mountain Lake. Besides alpacas, they usually have other animals such as llamas, goats, chickens, pigs and more. Check out Skyway Farms or Smith Mountain Lake Alpaca Farm. Both schedule tours but you need to call ahead.


A great family time!

Do you like to hike? Both the Smith Mountain Lake State Park and the Franklin Community Park have hiking trails but if you really want a challenge, climb sharp top or flattop at the Peaks of Otter. On the way home, stop into the Peaks of Otter winery or Gross Orchard.

Do you like the water sports or boating? That’s what this lake is primarily used for! You can rent a boat, rent a jet ski, paddles boards ( and wake boards!

Cruising on the Lake – Just enjoy the scenery, a meal and a cold beverage while the captain moors the boat. The Virginia Dare, a 63-foot replica of a 19th Century side-wheeler, offers lunch, dinner, and themed cruises. It’s a great way to see the lake. And they are 3 miles from our house! 540-297-7100.

Va Dare Cruise Boat

I too this photo from the air showing the boat (striped roof), Tiki bar to the left and their gift shop.

Staying at Bedford Landings is a must after your day trip! You can come back “home” and sit on the deck and enjoy a cool beverage or play a game of horse shoes or corn hole.

How about some fishing?
We have several guides on the lake in addition to some good local fishing spots for those with a Virginia Fishing license!

Do you enjoy horseback riding? One of our favorite places is Spring Valley Farm. The rides are reasonably priced and the horses are gentle!


Do you like crafting? Often there are paint parties in the area but we also have a pottery/glazing shop. You need to allow time for the creation to be glazed but the Glazed Bisque-it is the place!

Staying at Bedford Landings is a must because you only live once! YOLO! There are even more adventures awaiting! We have a mouse hole! Gotta see it!

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